A Used Van Is the Gateway to Delicious Success

The path of success in any business is not short and sweet. Indeed, you have to work very hard for a while until you can get everything together. Don’t settle for being held back just because you don’t have the money for a full restaurant. Sometimes it’s easier to test the idea of selling food to the public with a food truck. Van Monster, a premiere specialist in used commercial vehicles, has produced an infographic that really breaks down the pros and cons of owning and operating a food truck. Success might not be overnight, but you can build something that you’d be proud to own for a long time!


Want More Freedom – Consider Van Living

The bills are piling up, the kids are cranky and even the dog is fed up. What’s a typical tenant to do? Break away and enter the ranks of the van dwellers, of course! Now, you might not be too keen on living in a van. Isn’t that just for the less than fortunate? Not at all. Plenty of people are looking over their finances and discovering that if they just save their money, they’ll be able to live better for less. Check out this infographic below from Van Monster, and you’ll see how much money you can save by living in a van!

Van Monster #VanLife v2(1)

Check out Cars so Fast, You’ll think You’re in a Movie

Here’s a treat from Drive Benfield for all of you dreaming about speeding down the motorway: the world’s fastest cars await. Sure, you can’t drive them and show off to all of your friends. And it’s also true that most of these are so expensive that you’d need a hundred lifetimes to afford them, maybe even two hundred lifetimes. But there’s something about the power of imagination at work here. Step back and let yourself dream, because these cars really are so fast that you’ll think you’re on a Hollywood movie set. These cars bring you fast acceleration, turbocharged engines, and a cool factor that just can’t be put into words.

But hey, there is a bright side to reading about the cars instead of driving them: at least you can enjoy a few pints while you check ’em out at home!

Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1