How You can profit from Sustainable Transportation

As populations continue to rise, and the people of China, India and other developing countries gain affluence, fossil fuels will continue to rise in price. This creates both opportunity and danger. Countries that refuse to adopt sustainable methods of transportation will face more problems as current energy supplies deplete. The same can be said for individuals. People who act early and avoid the rising costs associated with transportation stand to profit from having cheaper, renewable options.

Current Transportation Costs


The Huffington Post reports that the average American spends over $2000 per year just to fill up their gas tank. The volatility of gas prices means that this expenditure fluctuates, but prices have been rising regularly for decades and will continue to do so. Forward thinking people can get ahead of others and begin using sustainable methods of transportation now and save time, money and effort.

Methods of Sustainable Transportation

The term sustainable transportation means any form of transport that has minimal impact on the environment. Some methods of sustainable transport have less environmental impact than others, but everything from walking to car pooling creates a more sustainable transportation system. Other methods include cycling, green vehicles and expanded public transportation.

Why Sustainable Transport Works

Current transportation systems consume 20% to 25% of the world’s energy. The design of these systems focuses, almost exclusively, on improving mobility for automobiles. However, the true purpose of transportation is access. People travel to get to work, school, visit family and friends and to get stores. Many sustainable transportation techniques improve access to these places, reduce environmental impact and reduce traffic congestion. Communities and cities that embrace sustainable transportation methods create more economically competitive, livable and sustainable cities.

How Individuals Profit

Individuals benefit from sustainable transportation in many ways. They not only save money by using less gasoline, they also save time and energy. Americans have long thought of cars as a tool of freedom, but this is increasingly not the case. People slavishly pump their money into their car in order to sit in deadlocked locked traffic and waste the same precious gas. Depending on where a person lives and how much their community has adopted sustainable transportation methods, people save time, money or both by adjusting their habits.

Ways to Benefit

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There are several ways to benefit from sustainable transportation. In cites that offer public transportation, simply utilizing the resources available can be helpful. Another option is moving closer to work or a nearby city. Walking or riding a bike to work or when shopping can cut out much of the cost and lost time caused by driving. For those who can’t move and aren’t close to public transportation, carpooling offers benefits to everyone involved. Carpooling with one other person will cut the fuel and maintenance costs of a commute in half and getting more people involved will decrease costs further. For a big picture approach, getting involved in your community or city to help improve and increase public transportation options can help improve your local economy and the standard of living in your area.

Everyone stands to gain something from improving and embracing sustainable transportation options. Taking small steps over time can lead financial benefits latter on.

Maintaining your vehicle will also help keep the environment cleaner, and prevent your car from having an untimely demise.