How much does the average home charging station cost?

If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, one of your biggest concerns will be how to charge the vehicle regularly and reliably. Knowing how long your charge will last is important; many newer electric vehicles have sophisticated visual options to let you know how many miles you have left on a charge based on your speed and other consumption factors, such as running the air conditioning.

However, it does not do you any good to know how much electricity you are using if you do not have a way to replenish it.

For this reason, it is important to have a charging station available on a regular basis, and home charging stations fit this bill well. You can charge your car at night, while you sleep, and it will be ready to go in the morning.

home charging station

However, many people are afraid to change to electric vehicles because they fear the charging station will be too expensive. Here are the facts about what it costs to buy, install, and operate a typical home charging station.

There are cars that operate when plugged into a normal 120-volt home outlet. However, these cars typically take many hours to charge; some could take most of a 24-hour period, meaning that you would not be able to drive the car every other day while it charges. Most people would rather spend a bit more for a home charger in order to gain quicker charging capability and more frequent use of their vehicle. Continue reading “How much does the average home charging station cost?”

Want More Freedom – Consider Van Living

The bills are piling up, the kids are cranky and even the dog is fed up. What’s a typical tenant to do? Break away and enter the ranks of the van dwellers, of course! Now, you might not be too keen on living in a van. Isn’t that just for the less than fortunate? Not at all. Plenty of people are looking over their finances and discovering that if they just save their money, they’ll be able to live better for less. Check out this infographic below from Van Monster, and you’ll see how much money you can save by living in a van!

Van Monster #VanLife v2(1)

Here are the Top 4 Companies that are making Hybrid Technology a Priority

We hear a lot in the news about the “green revolution” and “going green”, but let’s be honest: not everyone is truly putting their money into the technology. In order for something to catch on for everyone, there has to be investments made by people that have the pocketbooks to do so, and that’s ultimately the companies that bring us these products and services in the first place. But we did find that there are some companies that are really expanding hybrid technology, and we’re pleased to hear about it.

Hybrid Technology

1. Nissan

When it comes to hybrid and electric technologies, Nissan is definitely leading the charge. They’ve even teamed up with Foster + Partners recently to expand on the connected car concept further, adding style and ergonomic comfort to the mix. After all, you can’t just focus on function. The cars of the future need to be comfortable, otherwise we’re not going to bother driving them. You might recall that this automaker came out with the Nissan LEAF, a revolutionary car for its launch time.

2. BMW

If luxury and performance are more your speed, you’ll be pleased to know that BMW is really taking the reins and making hybrid technology a priority. Their flagship hybrid right now is the ActiveHybrid 5, which can go from 0 – 100 km in 5.9 seconds. That’s very fast acceleration, making it a treat to drive any day of the week.

3. Niftylift

Adoption of hybrid technology isn’t limited to just the automakers, of course. Niftylift is a company devoted to bringing hybrid technology to its products, which focus on cherry pickers and boom lifts. Manufacturing these industrial products has to strike a balance between safety, functionality, and environmental awareness. We think that heavy industry is the perfect place to promote green solutions, because if other companies adopt them, then the fight gets a little easier and more people embrace the technology.

Another interesting feature that Niftylift is bringing to the table would have to be the way they address the subject of weight in industrial equipment. Anyone that’s had to order equipment for a commercial project knows that weight changes everything from how high up you can place something to how much fuel it will consume to operate. The heavier a piece of equipment is, the more it will cost to service it over its lifetime. Niftylift developed a hybrid lift with a truly super low weight design, focusing on maintaining a bridge between power, efficiency, and reduced weight. Where others may have simply removed power to compensate for the reduced weight, the development team went in a completely different direction — well done!

4. General Motors

General Motors doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves for jumping into the hybrid technology space as quickly as it did, but we remember! They’ve taken a lot of customer feedback into consideration to improve on the Chevy Volt, and the Malibu is a decent option for people looking for their first hybrid. 47 mpg is going to catch a lot of people’s attention for sure.

Overall, if you want to watch the hybrid technology space, these are the companies to check out. While you may have to save up to get a hybrid in your driveway, there are plenty of incentives in place to reward you for doing your part to protect the environment we all share.

Bonus: The Hybrid Technology That Might Change Agriculture Forever

Driverless tractors? Maybe we’re not quite there yet (other than prototypes), but there is a hot technology that might change agriculture forever. It’s produced by Autonomous Tractor Corp, where they basically offer a package that turns a traditional diesel tractor into a hybrid that combines the best of both worlds. Instead of having to get a brand new tractor, farmers would be able to enjoy a massive cost savings as well as a boost in productivity. Agriculture is one industry where every bit of cost savings matters; a bad storm season can dramatically reduce crop yields and increase overhead without the market being able to correct the issues until much, much later.

Check out Cars so Fast, You’ll think You’re in a Movie

Here’s a treat from Drive Benfield for all of you dreaming about speeding down the motorway: the world’s fastest cars await. Sure, you can’t drive them and show off to all of your friends. And it’s also true that most of these are so expensive that you’d need a hundred lifetimes to afford them, maybe even two hundred lifetimes. But there’s something about the power of imagination at work here. Step back and let yourself dream, because these cars really are so fast that you’ll think you’re on a Hollywood movie set. These cars bring you fast acceleration, turbocharged engines, and a cool factor that just can’t be put into words.

But hey, there is a bright side to reading about the cars instead of driving them: at least you can enjoy a few pints while you check ’em out at home!

Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1

Top 7 cities leading the way with Public Charging Stations

Many major cities are beginning to recognize the need for charging stations for EVs.

Some cities have relied on federal grant money to install numerous charging stations, while others have allowed private companies to install these refueling points. Here is a list of the top seven major cities with numerous charging stations for EVs:

1) Miami.

While tooling down the beach highways has always called up nostalgia of famous gas-powered cars, more and more EVs are finding their way to the nation’s shorelines. In Miami, a city noted for its cosmopolitan flavor and huge use of private vehicles, there are at least ten charging stations scattered along the coast from south of the city proper up to Boynton Beach, some fifty miles north.

2) Atlanta.

With some of the busiest highways in the nation and continual traffic gridlock, Atlanta boasts ten charging stations scattered at various points around the city. While the bulk of the stations are located along the I-75 corridor which bisects the city north and south, several more are placed at strategic locations around the “perimeter” of I-285, especially in the northern suburbs of the city where the more affluent commuters live.

3) Washington, DC/Baltimore.

The nation’s capitol boasts ten charging stations scattered at locations throughout the city, as well as one in Baltimore. In this city, with its tremendous traffic flow, it is likely that EVs will enjoy more popularity than in the more rural areas to the west.

4) Philadelphia.

While Philly EV residents enjoy numerous charging stations around Center City, only one lies to the south, near the airport, and one to the west, near the Blue Route interchange with I-476 and I-76. Most chargers are still located downtown. Continue reading “Top 7 cities leading the way with Public Charging Stations”