Dangers of Tiredness When Driving

GEM Motoring Assist who are a road safety and breakdown organisation have been warning about the dangers of being tired when driving. Many people take long car journeys this time of year to go on holiday and there can be dangers with this. One of these dangers is getting too tired and falling asleep at the wheel. This was explained by Neil Worth, a road safety officer for GEM who said that tiredness can be a big factor in many traffic accidents. Drivers respond more slowly if they are tired and this can be a big problem. He advises that not only should drivers be well rested before they start but they should also have regular breaks in their journey. He explained that young male drivers, truck drivers, company car drivers and shift workers are more at risk of having a collision related to tiredness. Join Car Leasing Specialist Rosedale Leasing as they explore this issue!

Fortunately the Highway Code has a list of ways to reduce your risk of being involved in such an incident. These include planning the journey properly and taking a 15 minute break every two hours or every 100 miles. Avoiding medications which cause fatigue and avoiding certain times of the day and night when accidents are more likely. These include early hours of the morning particularly when driving to or from an airport for a flight. They also advise overnight stops for really long road trips. It is also important to avoid alcohol and if you have had very little sleep then consider stopping overnight or for a nap rather than risk driving when overtired.