Top 7 cities leading the way with Public Charging Stations

Many major cities are beginning to recognize the need for charging stations for EVs.

Some cities have relied on federal grant money to install numerous charging stations, while others have allowed private companies to install these refueling points. Here is a list of the top seven major cities with numerous charging stations for EVs:

1) Miami.

While tooling down the beach highways has always called up nostalgia of famous gas-powered cars, more and more EVs are finding their way to the nation’s shorelines. In Miami, a city noted for its cosmopolitan flavor and huge use of private vehicles, there are at least ten charging stations scattered along the coast from south of the city proper up to Boynton Beach, some fifty miles north.

2) Atlanta.

With some of the busiest highways in the nation and continual traffic gridlock, Atlanta boasts ten charging stations scattered at various points around the city. While the bulk of the stations are located along the I-75 corridor which bisects the city north and south, several more are placed at strategic locations around the “perimeter” of I-285, especially in the northern suburbs of the city where the more affluent commuters live.

3) Washington, DC/Baltimore.

The nation’s capitol boasts ten charging stations scattered at locations throughout the city, as well as one in Baltimore. In this city, with its tremendous traffic flow, it is likely that EVs will enjoy more popularity than in the more rural areas to the west.

4) Philadelphia.

While Philly EV residents enjoy numerous charging stations around Center City, only one lies to the south, near the airport, and one to the west, near the Blue Route interchange with I-476 and I-76. Most chargers are still located downtown.

5) New York.

The Big Apple enjoys the most EV charging stations on the East Coast, and they are conveniently located across the city. While at least ten reside in Manhattan, there are also stations across the river in Jersey City, in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and on Long Island.

6) Chicago.

While the Windy City has been installing electric vehicle charging stations at a relatively quick rate, they are almost all concentrated in the city itself. Very few stations have made it into the suburbs, but there is one located near Oak Lawn, and others are planned for the future.

7) Los Angeles.

As might be expected, Californians are leading the way in EV purchase and use, and the City of Angeles reflects this trend with hundreds of charging stations scattered throughout the area. Because Los Angeles is such a large and sprawling city, with so many suburbs, charging stations are well-distributed, with clusters around the airport, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Anaheim, and Santa Clara.

Although almost all major cities have installed some charging stations, the cost and lack of consumer interest is prohibiting a true growth of this industry for smaller towns.

However, many smaller cities such as Columbia, South Carolina; Raleigh, North Carolina; and Brentwood, Tennessee are taking the plunge to commit to at least one public charging station. Many other cities, while not providing public charging, are giving tax incentives to retailers who allow third-party charging companies to install chargers at their site.

It remains to be seen if the publicly-funded charging stations will remain in competition with private industry once the EV revolution occurs.